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Mini Kite Line Winders

Looking for a winder for your little kite?

Check out these options:

Embroidery floss bobbins

made out of cardboard they are inexpensive and readily available in any sewing or craft store. Cut a little slit on the side to lock the tread in so it can't unwind. For a fancier look glue a Asian style toothpick to it as a handle.

Miniature wood “Traveler” winders

Phantom Star Designs has a miniature version of their wood kite winders. It comes as a card of six winders. Cut them apart with a craft knife Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information

Miniature spools of thread

often available from discount stores with 25 – 30 spools in a package. Line and winder all in one.

Mcgill Mini File Tab Punch

this punch makes a winder that is slightly larger than floss bobbins, with a little more stylish shape. As with floss bobbins you will want to cut a little slit to keep the end of the thread from unwinding. Having your own punch lets you create winders from a variety of materials. Print a design on heavy card stock and cutout custom winders. Create beautiful one-of-kind winders by recycling magazine covers, photos, business cards or holiday cards. Glue two together to get a stiffer winder if needed.

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