Mini Smile Kite

Finished Mini Smile Kite


Supplies needed:

  • Pattern
  • Lightweight paper, like deli paper or translucent origami paper
  • 20” thread
  • 15” pearl cotton, # 8
  • Clear tape
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • 1/8” wide strip of cardstock, 4” long
  • Glue stick or double stick tape




Trace Mini Smile Kite

1) Trace the pattern onto your lightweight paper.

Cutout Mini Smile Kite
2)  Fold the paper in half to cut out.

3) Decorate as you choose.

Place Spare on Mini Smile Kite
4) Note the marks for the spreader. Use either glue stick or double stick tape. Carefully place the 1/8” strip into position. Trim the excess off the sides.

5) Cut 15” of the #8 pearl cotton for the tail. Using a very small piece of tape. Tape it to the back of the kite at the bottom center point.

6) Cut 20” of sewing thread. Knot one end. Thread the other end into a needle. From the back of the kite, push the needle thru the bridle point. Again using a very small piece of tape, cover the knot to keep it from pulling thru the paper.

7) Refold the kite. Pinch the spreader to make a dihedral.

8) Like all small kites, this one flies best with a flying wand. A flying wand can be anything from a 6” stir stick to a 18” long dowel. The extra length of the wand puts the kite away from the turbulence caused by your arm.

9) Tune the kite by folding to give it more dihedral, adjust the length of the tail, or shorten the flying line to match the length of your flying wand 

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