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Miniature Tube Kite


Tube Kite





Tissue paper - rectangle 8 inches (203mm) by 3.25 inches (83mm).   Select a printed tissue paper of your choice.


Ink Jet Translucent Vellum - .25 inch (7 mm) by at least 8 inches (203 mm). Cutting it a couple of inches longer can make it easier to work with.


Thread - 2 yards (2 meters) or more in length for fly line.


Embroidery floss winder or a 2 inch (50mm) square piece of tag board - for winder.


Large sewing needle or 1/16 inch (1.6mm) hole punch


Scotch® Double-Sided Tape Pen or other 3/16 inch (4.75mm) wide double-sided scrapbook style adhesive.





Wrap thread around embroidery floss winder or tag board.


Lay the strip of vellum on a piece of scrap paper. Use the Tape Pen to run adhesive on one side of it.   Stick the vellum strip on the backside of the tissue paper along the edge running from A-C.   If the vellum is longer than the tissue paper trim the vellum after it is stuck to the tissue paper.


Run adhesive along the C-D edge on the backside.   Pickup the A-B edge and roll it over to the C-D edge. Overlap the two edges the width of the adhesive to form a tube and stick the edges together.


Where the four layers of paper overlap punch a hole using the 1/16 inch hole punch or a large sewing needle. Push thread through the hole and tie a couple of simple overhand knots. Make the thread taunt so that it helps hold the seam of the kite together but not so tight that it starts crumpling the edge


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