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1   Link   American Kitefliers Association
The American Kitefliers Association was founded in 1964 by the late Robert M. Ingraham of New Mexico. Now, with over 4,000 members, in 35 countries, we are the largest association of kiters in the world. Our purpose is to educate the public in the art, history, technology, and practice of building and flying kites - to advance the joys and values of kiting in all nations.
2   Link   KiteLife.Com
3   Link   World Kite Museum
The World Kite Museum & Hall of Fame is the only American Museum dedicated exclusively to the history of kites, kitemakers and famous kite fliers.
4   Link   Drachen Foundation
The Foundation

* Develops workshops, curriculum, and touring exhibits about the art, science, history, and cultures of kiting; supports selected projects and special events
* Publishes books and an online journal and newsletter; operates a website
* Funds kite research globally
* Archives kiting materials and kites
* Operates the Drachen Study Center in Seattle
* Sells original kite kits, publications, and materials through its online store
5   Link   Australian Kite Association
The AKA is a body of kite flyers seeking to promote the activity of kiting in all its various aspects. After having flown together at a regular time and location for a number of years, the Australian Kite Association formally came into being in 1976.

Kiting involves not only the enjoyment of flying but includes the aspects of design, engineering, aerodynamics, experimentation and innovation as well as the cultural and historic side of kiting.

Lawrence Hargrave, Australia's first notable kite flyer, employed many of these disciplines to study the possibility of manned flight. Hargrave chose to share his interest and knowledge of kites freely with others of like mind around the world.

The Australian Kite Association is founded on Hargrave's principles of sharing this interest and knowledge gained for all, and serves as a contact point for information about kite events around Australia and the world.
6   Link   Japan Kite Association
The Japan Kite Association is a nonprofit organization
dedicated to promoting mutual friendship and cultural exchange of the world,
through Kite-Building and Kite-Flying.
7   Link   One Sky One World
8   Link   British Kite Flying Association
To promote and raise awareness of all kite events throughout the United Kingdom.
9   Link   Kite History Organization
French Kite site with some articles in English as well.
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Tip of the week
Extra-large and mega sized scrap-booking paper punchs can be used to cut out tissue kite sails in flash. Look for squares, circles, hearts and many more!